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Forget InDesign, boring templates, & hiring someone 10 hours ahead. Get your marketing materials done in minutes. 

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Customize templates on Canva or Powerpoint in minutes​
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I customize the colors?

A:   Yes, the template is completely customizable. You can customize your colors to meet your brand guidelines. Simply click on the text or shape where you want to change the color, go to the color selector, and click the color you want. Done. 

Q:  What if I don't have a Pro Canva account?

A:  No problem! You can fully access and customize using a free Canva account. 

Q: Can I customize using Powerpoint?

Absolutely.  While our templates are designed as Canva-first, many are also available in a Powerpoint forma. Simply download the Powerpoint version and customize in minutes! 


Alternatively, you can open the Canva  version and simply download to Powerpoint and your template will open in Powerpoint. 

Q:  What if I've never used Canva?

A:  No worries! Canva is very easy and we include a 5-minute instructional video. You'll be up and running in no time! 

Customize in minutes on Canva or Powerpoint in minutes

  • Don't have a Canva Pro account? No problem. Use a free account.

  • Download in PDF, PNG, Powerpoint, and/or countless other formats

  • Includes quick instructional videos


This gorgeous yet clean template is perfect to showcase your property. Plenty of room for highlights, showcase special features with icons,  and add pictures for vavavoom!

Customize on Canva in minutes!