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The 3 Biggest Mistakes CRE Brokers Make on LinkedIn

As a commercial real estate broker, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for expanding your network, drawing in new clients, and nurturing existing relationships. However, many brokers are unknowingly making some crucial mistakes that are hindering their LinkedIn success. Here are the top three mistakes that CRE brokers often make on LinkedIn, and how to correct them.

Are you making any of these three mistakes?

Mistake #1: Endlessly Posting Without a Strategic Purpose Do you find yourself constantly posting on LinkedIn without a clear goal or strategy in mind? It's crucial to determine your purpose first, and then create your LinkedIn strategy to achieve your objective.

Ask yourself, "What is my purpose for spending time on LinkedIn?" Is it for visibility and presence? Qualified referral generation? Nurturing relationships? A clear objective will guide your LinkedIn activities towards achieving your goals.

Mistake #2: Not Using LinkedIn for Qualified Referral Generation If you're not using LinkedIn to generate qualified referrals, it's time to turn that around. LinkedIn is like having your clients and prospects in a room. Are you part of the crowd, all talking at the same time, or are you talking to them one-on-one?

Your peers and industry influencers are also in the room. Are you leveraging your relationships with them to generate new business opportunities and referrals? If not, start now.

Mistake #3: Not Using LinkedIn to Nurture Business Relationships Another common mistake is not using LinkedIn to nurture business relationships. Do you know which of your top 100 target prospects are on LinkedIn? If so, develop a strategy to nurture your relationship with each of them. Start reaching out today. You got this!

If you're making any of these mistakes, take immediate action to maximize your LinkedIn ROI. Start with these three steps.

  1. Determine your LinkedIn objectives.

  2. Craft your LinkedIn referral generation strategy.

  3. Create a strategy to nurture your prospect and client relationships on LinkedIn.



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